Visagaa Publishing House Repository Policy

We strongly encourage authors to make their pre-publication manuscripts available in institutional repositories or on their personal websites prior to and during the submission process, as well as to make the Publisher's final formatted PDF version available without embargo following publication. These practises benefit authors by facilitating productive exchanges and increasing the visibility and citation of published work. Refer to the detailed guidelines for re-using the open-access content given below.

Author Self-Archiving Policy
As International Journal of Human Diseases & Therapeutics is an Open Access Journal, authors are free to make their articles freely available under the provisions of the Creative Commons Attribution licence:

Authors who have published under a CC BY-NC-ND licence may read, download, distribute, copy, print, search, provide to link to full article text without obtained any prior permission provided the work is properly referenced and used for non-commercial purposes and repositories.

Guidelines for re-using open access content

When uploading, sharing, or re-using Open Access articles, the journal should be explicitly identified as the original source of publication, along with the appropriate citation details. Additionally, to the Version of Record, authors should deposit the URL and/or DOI of their published article in any repository.

We highly encourage authors to deposit the Version of Record when making their article available under the terms of their Open Access licence. This ensures that the definitive version is immediately available to individuals viewing your content via such repositories, increasing the chances that your work will be accurately cited.

Due to the numerous methods by which you can share different versions of your article as it progresses through the phases of publishing, the following is a summary.


Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM)

What exactly is it?
What exactly is it? Your initial manuscript prior to submitting it for peer review to a journal.

How can I share it?
You may share your AOM freely, including via social media, scholarly collaborative networks, your own personal website, or a preprint server designed for non-commercial usage. Posting on a preprint server is not considered to be a duplicate publication. If you choose to post your AOM elsewhere, we ask that you confirm its acceptance for publishing in the following manner:
This article has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Human Diseases & Therapeutics".

Accepted manuscript (AM)

What exactly is it?
When an article is accepted for publication, it is designated as an Accepted Manuscript. This version has been peer-reviewed and accepted by the journal's editor. When you receive the Editorial Office's acceptance email, save a copy of your AM for future posting.

How can I share it?
After acceptance, you may upload your Accepted Manuscript (AM) at any time (this includes posting to ResearchGate, Twitter, Facebook, Google groups, and LinkedIn). To increase the citation of your work, we propose that you include the following wording in the link from your uploaded AM to the published article, including the DOI:
This is a manuscript that has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Human Diseases & Therapeutics on [date of publication], [DOI of article].”

Version of Record (VOR)

What exactly is it?
This is the final, definitive, citable version of your manuscript, which has been copyedited, typeset, proofread and given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). This is the version that has been published.

How can I share it?
When publishing, you may either use the DOI to link to the VOR or upload the article's PDF on any non-commercial websites or archives.

How to create a link between the AOM, AM and VOR of your article?
You may have already shared your AOM and AM in other places by the time your article is published. If you want to connect these to the VOR, you may do so once they've been published using something like:
This is an [Accepted Manuscript / Author’s Original Manuscript] of an article published in International Journal of Human Diseases & Therapeutics on [date of publication], available at [Article DOI].”
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